Map Your Community

Get everything you need to build, launch and grow your own Community Map.

See some examples

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Global 3D Printing Map

Connect with a worldwide community of 3D printers and makers. Managed by Inside3DP.

Porto Startup Map

Learn all about the Porto startup ecosystem. Managed by Ines Silva.

Israel Braintech Map

The brain technology industry in Israel, search for laboratories, companies and organizations. Managed by Israel Brain Tech.

How it works

Create and customize your map

Create your map, customize the look and feel, select the information you’d like to collect. It’s quick and easy.

Market the map

Attract your community members, embed your Map, and watch it come to life.

Moderate and grow

Continue to grow your Community Map using our built-in communication and promotion tools.


Build your reputation

Boost your leadership position within your community.

Collect valuable data

Build a list of the key places and people in your community

Gain visibility

Leverage the virality of the map to gain exposure

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Map idea

It’s been a brilliant tool for building a great resource for our community at Inside3DP. Dennis

Editor, Inside3DP

I am thrilled with this fantastic and user-friendly addition to our site, it’s a wonderful way for our members to be “on the map”! Honi

Director, Israeli Yoga Teachers' Association